1% For the Planet
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It is a universal standard that anyone who registers for and is a willing participant in an event and successfully completes the race appears in the results. For those wearing the timing device correctly, this is automatic. In the case of someone whose timing device fails, we utilize manual back-up methods to ensure that all crossing the finish line with a visible bib are also included in the results.

Results include (if entered in registration):
- Bib #
- Name
- Race Day Age
- Sex
- City/State
- Finish Time

Results never include your full mailing address nor your birthday nor any other identifying items.

Inclusion in Results

Don't appear in the results or you feel there is a need for a change to be made? Please contact us.

Removal from Results

If you do not want to appear in the results of a race, do not register for that race. Do not participate in the race.

Requesting removal from race results hosted on our site is subject to a $50 administrative fee per race result. We host results only for events timed by Timberline Events LLC | Finish Line Timing. We have no control over any results appearing at domains outside of or

If you desire to be removed, please contact us and we will send you a PayPal invoice for payment for us to remove your name.



Roads Less Traveled RelaysRoads Less Traveled Relay Races
Wild West Relay - August 6th - 7th
Flaming Foliage Relay - September 10th - 11th
Oregon Rivalry Relay - December 5th

Front Range Food Bank Fund Run
2nd Annual Front Range
Food Bank Fund Run
April 17 - May 1

Vitality 5k
Vitality 5k
June 6th

The Matrix Virtual Race
2nd Annual
The Matrix Virtual Race
Benefiting Animal Shelters
June 12 - 20

Mountain Swim Series
Solsitice Swim
June 26th

Breckenridge Brewery Half Marathon & 5k
Breckenridge Brewery Half Marathon & 5k
June 27th

Mountain Swim Series
Carter Lake Crossing
July 17th

Mountain Swim Series
Chatfield Classic
August 15th

Windsor Marathon, Half Marathon, Heavy 10k
Windsor Marathon, Half Marathon, Heavy 10k
October 10th


1% For the Planet